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2y Resume

Below I will try to resume what I did during 2 years.

Short company profile: summary ~2000 employees, factory, own logistic and marketing network at the country. Annual turnover is closed information but may be 20,000,000 Euro, but this is a very very approximate estimate.

IT service department profile: 5 employees w/o me, with very “embedded” IT competitions, with a low level of maturity.

Note: I based my competition valuing strongly on “A common European framework for ICT Professionals in all industry sectors”, eCF

My role: senior IT engineer (and “the-guy-who-knows-solution”). IT experience from 1994 to now.

During the time I did all basic IT element of the company, all basic what “must be” in accordance with the industrial practice and standards (lot a RFC, ISO, ITU, ITIL, COBIT, PMBOK, etc…).

I made for the company during 2015-2017:

  1. Build own DNS (Domain Name System), more 30 corporate domain (It can to manage there Former “system” was based on free services (OMG), was systemless and almost uncontrollable. Project page
  2. Rebuild and reorganize VPN (Virtual Private Network) concentrates and wrote program product for manage it The VPNs used more 1200 employees for access to company assets.
  3. Total rebuild corporate Intranet with dynamic routing (BGP/OSPF protocol mix, ~200 different network ), linked all network of the company on one space.
    Was: Former Intranet network fully based on static routing (OMG) and cannot manageable.
  4. Made automate routing in the corporate Internet autonomous zone for factory (1 old communication provider, 2 added, all in BGP full routing table).
    Before this, if factory has commutation problem then IT employees were switched between communication providers manually (OMG).
  5. Made group of mail servers (4 servers in a group, ~1,400 live mail accounts). It is very stable and manageable product. Web management console as example
  6. Made infrastructure monitoring system, monitoring more 300 company services
  7. Did system and typed names and typed configurations sets for systems and components
  8. Made a centralized system for managing the configurations of operating systems and applications, based of manifests.
  9. Made an systems of data backup and restoring, for example
  10. Made two VoIP phone stations for central company Contact centre and Department of retail sales (,
  11. Made, introduced an explanatory ITdesk for accounting and management of company IT resources and assets, including problems control, projects and works Previously, such a system and skills associated with it was lacked, introduction of the transparent system of control of resources was met with a rather sharp reaction and misunderstanding.
  12. Conducted an full inventory base IT assets (average numbers: ~ 120 service operating systems, of which ~ 30 host systems, ~ 20 systems with 240 databases , ~ 30 application servers, etc …)
  13. Made mature program product for manage X.509 cryptography certificates and keys
  14. Methodically documented and described all of this infrastructure, in diagrams, drawings, tables and IT desk.

As a result, IT infrastructure of the company simply … appeared, before that it IT assets represented a loosely coupled set of flaps.

  • All projects and works started on my proposal and were carried out mainly by me, in roles developer and manager of the project. Unfortunately, I did not have other employees to develop and implement or resources for hiring (because local management rules and a very poor local competency market).
  • I was motivated mainly for
    1. professional growth as an architect, builder and project manager and
    2. building of modern reasonable balanced business corporate infrastructure, with balanced cost, time, quality.

Now I'm writing a program product for management and backup corporate databases, project page, unfortunately IT market have not suitable solutions and products.

Every day I consult on problems and solutions. Quite often I come across a misunderstanding, across methodically explain and finding compromise solutions that fit into available time and other resources.

I am “de facto” engaged in a strategy of IT infrastructure development of the company. W/o charge, w/o sharing, free option 8-)


I thought that it would be quite appropriate, =) the resume songs: David Bowie, 5 years

borodin-on-project-management-sert.jpg certificate-internet-security-specialist.jpg


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