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Borodin Oleg, experience of development

sorry for possible typos and mistakes, work in progress

My summary there “Олег Бородин, программный инженер, разработчик


  • I know and use project management, calculation of agreements, work, risks, competencies, cost, time, and other things.
  • I use good practices, standards and experience in the life cycle of engineering systems.
  • I create enterprise level systems, but I also love/know to create separate applications as part of it.


Here I will give examples with a public source and working copies.

Examples of corporate applications and services I cannot published in accordance with the elementary agreements and security rules.

by formal language

  • C++: web backend, corporate use-case for microservices
    • web backend sample based on Boost::Asio library Srv7, source github
  • Javascript: web backend, corporate use-case for mini application
  • Typescript: web frontend, corporate use-case for mini application
  • Perl5
  • Ruby: use only for scripts (data/network processing)
  • Python: use only for scripts
  • PHP: sometimes use for corporate plugins for different appliations
  • Golang: if you pay a lot. Lots of. Or stick a gun to my head. =) (Actually, I can write. And with Go are many good components.)

I use “Search around, invest to research, use tool by needs”. For development similarly.


For every day work from 2007 I use own build with FreeBSD + XFCE + 1/2 Gnome + many Unix-based applications.
For development I use Code::Block, Geany, sometimes QtCreator. Many years ago also used Emacs.

Of course, I use all possible/need methods of debugging, tracing, verification and version control code.

For building corporate I use system different kind of unix-like operation systems: Linux, FreeBSD, sometimes SunOS/OpenIndiana and other derivatives. I use Linux and other Unix-like system from 1997 for very different projects and purposes.

I understand the advantages and limitations of various application development systems, frameworks and other computing systems.

For development I wide used

  1. JSON/XML/MessagePack over HTTP, ZeroMQ and other kinds of RPC/IPC,
  2. asynchronous development and threading
  3. different parsers and lexer,
  4. signal/event systems,
  5. SQL object mapping,
  6. … etc

Angular2: I use all frameworks feathers. Good framework.
Sometimes for one-two page application (like “see some records/results from xyz”) I used Vue.js framework.

my experience is wide

For example, for self-education and just-to-fun I make embedded automates on ARM, OpenCM (opensource ARM MCU base library), FreeRTOS, newlib (libc for embedded systems) and/or pure C.
For sample: FreeRTOS application sample 1, FreeRTOS application sample 2, …

I am constantly learning and good at learning

Training time as an example:

  • For a more or less confident development of Angular applications, it took me 2 months to write applications, study the components of the framework and think about their possible architecture.
  • For building stable ARM embedded systems with sensors over bus and radio communication, real time and/or asynchronous computing I studied and developed for about 2 months. Internet samples, data scheets with 1400 pages, protocol description and step-by-step building.

As resume

I know how to create create applications that work on projects.

I want to create useful applications. And I understand that a successful business requires a calculated joint efforts of many people who can make reasonable products.

My experience and knowledge tell me about it.