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My demo application Aug 2017 - Jan 2019

  • I wrote these applications while at the same time working as a senior IT engineer in business enterprise. Applications are written in conditions of lack of time, and are a balanced solution for the time of implementation. Minimum documentation and minimum formal tests. Nevertheless, these are fully formed solutions and distributions.
  • The application was written by me in order to expand competencies, form a portfolio, and the open publication. Applications were created in time outside of my current contract. Nevertheless, they are fully used in the company's information system.

My summary there “Олег Бородин, программный инженер, разработчик

MiniCA, Cryptographic web application for managing x509 certificates

Full life cicle X.509 certiticates management

DBdumper, Network distributed database rescue/archive management system

Maacom, Email account and routing management

Small web applications

Generic use-case: to manage various corporate resources.

Update, Nov 2018 - Jan 2019

Who-Call-Me, "Yellow pages" for contact center

Run with corporate VoIP PBX

  • Use-case: Application for finding information about a current caller in contact center. Customer base of about 300 thousand people.
  • Use: Javascript, Typescript, SQL
  • Frameworks: Angular 2/7, Express.js, Knex.js, Foundation CSS

App template Lorem-NG

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