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Creation of corporate DNS

Generic requrements

  • Placement of server into differents AS, for stability from network failures
  • Easy web management
  • SQL DBMS storage or like it

Requirement for migration work

  • Don't interrupt service during work – Successful

Former/legacy DNS

  • Based on free DNS service. Hmm…


Standard decition:

  • 3 DNS server in different AS (pdns1, pdns3,, one as master, two as slave.
  • PostgresQL DBMS as storage, PowerDNS as authoritative DNS service, Unbound as recursor, FreeBSD as OS.


Three standard phases:

  • Research and development,
  • Checking of decition
  • Migration from-to, domain by domain.


Standard also. For every domain

  1. Download DNS database (with AXFR reques or from web site) and
  2. Convert the databse to SQL batch with zone2sql tool.
  3. Upload to corporate DNS database.
  4. Switch glue DNS record for the domain to corporate DNS.
  5. Watch and checking result.


  • Done, it stable works, with very well results. Total duration of project ~3 month.


Now 38 domains with 1242 records total. In plan add more 15 subdomain for mail supply. – 2016/08/09

sep 2017: IT staff still uses IP addresses. May be I must use DDT?

Some work code

Find differences between the same dns answers from two different server

for r in `cat | awk '/IN/{print $1}'`;do                                                    
dig $r cname| grep -v ';;' | grep -v SOA | sort -V  > /tmp/a                                    
dig $r cname| grep -v ';;' | grep -v SOA | sort -V > /tmp/b                               
echo -------- $r ---------                                                                                  
diff -u100  /tmp/a /tmp/b                                                                                   

Work screenshot

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