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Item of migration for legacy mail server

  • MX - new mail relay
  • MAIL - legacy mail relay
  1. Dump fresh account database from MAIL and copy to MX
  2. Restore MAIL database on MX
  3. Convert mailbox and aliases MAIL database to SQL batch
    1. Edit and validate the batch
  4. Insert the bacth to MX database
  5. Validate accounts
  6. Copy mail from MAIL to MX with doveadm, with two or more pass
  7. Disable legacy accounts and aliases
    1. on external MAIL
    2. on internal MAIL
  8. Restart MTA on
    1. internal MAIL
    2. external MAIL
select * from boxes where domain = '';
update boxes set is_active = 'N' where domain regexp '';
select * from aliases where domain = '';
update aliases set is_active = 'N' where domain regexp '';

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