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Rebuilding of legacy corporate mail system, project

Generic targets

  • Upgrade quality, agility and scalability of corporate mail system.


  • Low quality of delivery, management and scalability of legacy corporate mail system.

Generic profile of existing mail system

  • Approximate total number of mail recipient is 1400
  • Range of recipient work time 4:00am-12:00pm totaly for all time zones
  • Number of IMAP users no more 40 (top management and call center/internet shore operators).
  • Take set of mail list for external and internal-only access/relay

Domain list

Architecture draft of legacy mail system

Vision of new architecture of corporate mail system

Will + Was into legacy system
Set of typical but independent mail node, with an mail node response for own domains only Hard linked 4 mail node, 2 as frontend, 2 as backend with proxing and hard shared account base
Relay based on DNS MX and A record Hard scripted mail relay base on account database
Any mail node can work as backup MX for some mail domain in corporate group.
Typical Web/POP/IMAP/Sunmission access for user base on mail delivery politics Items very weak released
Sample of communication in mail node group

Generic requirements

  • Scalable down/up
  • Agile for account/domain/data migration
  • Clear for backuping
  • Standard components, decition and rules
  • Manageable
  • Open source based and free from tax
  • Include independent mail nodes

Generic constrant

  • For work
    • Service schedule
    • Stackeholders and related works
  • For product
    • Requrements
  • Direct mail user, of course, in sub-division/deparments
  • 1C app users, inderectly
  • ? 1C developers/support
  • ? 1C app sites, data excenge?
  • ? Mosaic5D app users or developers, unexpectedly (specification into source code, developers leaved the company)

Generic phases

  1. Research and developmen: Research and standart mail node developing
  2. Checking of decisions: Checking of decisions on some “small” exploitation for one-two real corporate subdomain
  3. Mass migration, step by step: Standart migration for corporate mail, domain by domain, region by region, division by division.

Draft order of migration

  1. Create mail node from template or add subdomain to exist mail node
  2. Create dns sub-domain (mail zone) with
    1. Set MX record to former mail relay
    2. Set POP3/IMAP/SUBMISSION record to former mail node
    3. Set actual DKIM key for the mail domain (mail zone)
  3. Change client SMTP/POP3 configuration to new DNS records
  4. Delete user recode from old/legacy mail node
  5. Change DNS records to new mail node

Order as checklist

Example of desription




Some work code