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Lazurit projects

The page begin 2016, Feb.

Brief corporate profile: Leading in the country Furniture factory with wide own logistic and marketing net. Total number of employees ~ 2000. Production lines, lot of warehouses, transport and logistics system with ~150 trucks. It can describe as factory-marketing holding, all-in-one.

My position: Senior IT engineer.

My roles is wide enough: system and/or busines analyst, architect, project manager, information security specialist, specialist for operating systems and Unix applications, and some times application developer.

Short corporate IT system profile:

  • about 20 leased/dedicated servers at ~7 “physical” sites
  • about 10 servers at factory
  • semi-automatic production lines
  • own Internet autonomous zone AS50358 and /24 networks
  • more 150 virtual servers, based on Win, FreeBSD, Linux OSes, for different targets and purposes.
    • ~20 for database management systems with ~240 databases
    • ~40 for different application systems
    • 5 for mail system for ~1400 mail recipients
    • more 5 corporate and public web sites
    • 4 for DNS system for ~30 sub domain.
    • ~15 for corporate Intranet routing system
    • ~7 for backup systems
    • 3 VoIP phone station, for service/marketing desk
    • a lot of complex service Unix system, for VPN, monitoring, reserve, …
    • others, others

I wrote “about” because the info system lives, and some subsystems are output and run into operation time by time.

After 1.5 years of work I conceptually and significantly rebuilt the inherited information system of the enterprise.

In course of my work I post some working materials/description/drafts/notes on my projects on this site. I am always ready to wide audit my decisions and projects. Despite my terrible English =)