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Oleg Borodin, brief summary

sorry for possible typos and mistakes, work in progress

Position to which I move now: Network/web application full-stack developer.

  1. I can develop full-fledged applications and their components, taking into account business requirements, in their full life cycle.
  2. I can use wide range of languages such as C++, C, Typescript, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Perl, SQL, and others and related frameworks and libraries, include front-end frameworks like Angular or Vue.
  3. I know and can use project management knowledge.
  4. I know and use in development object oriented analysis and modeling.

My motivation:

  1. I like to create reliable and thoughtful network applications for business.
  2. I like to find solutions.
  3. I like to create quality finished products.

Web applications made by me in recent years: Borodin Oleg, experience of development .

  • It's open-source application specially for showing my development and engineering competition.
  • The application having corporate use.
  • You can see my code and running demo version. My decisions are of high quality and well thought out.

2015-2019, Lazurit JSC

Company profile: automated furniture factory and marketing network, own logistic with 150 vehicle, more 300 brand sales point, more 2.000 employees.

Position: Senior software engineer of the company.

Roles: is wide, IT architect, application and communication developer, system and business analyst, IT project/case manager.

IT infrastructure profile: Average total cost of base IT infrastructure ~3.000.000 USD. Information system on 2018 include more 30 database management systems with 1.5Tb of data total, 20 application servers, 50 business critical application, 15 VPN point of access, 20 terminal, 6 mail servers, 3 VoIP phone station, etc.


  • Personally made more 10 of program application for support company business (for example, for X509 certificates life cicle; corporate SQL database management), total more 60.000 code strings.
  • I totally rebuild communication basement of company information system. I personally made corporate domain name system, rebuild email system, corporate Intranet and Internet with BBP/OSPF automatic, conducted an total audit of the information system
  • Introduced ITIL-like management of IT assets and resources, made and/or rebuild IT polices and methodology.
  • I introduced a project/case/program approach to implementing changes. I introduced a concept of an IT development strategy. I step by step change an approach of employees to the conduct of business.


  1. 2014 IT developer and network engineer, Project of network rebuilding, City communication provider.
  2. 2011-2013 Lead project engineer and developer, Federal Project of Universal social and bank electronic card, Kaliningrad
  3. 2007-2010 IT project manager and lead developer, Development Group, KD Avia JSC, totally rebuild of the air-hub company IT communication system, into the hub and 12 edge airports; I made a stable and reliable information system for air freight for 2.000.000 passenger per year (the company did not survive raider seizure and was bankrupt)
  4. 2000-2007 IT developer and project manager into IT projects group,, local IT projects, develop and integrate lot of system/business software and wide kind of communication system.


  • Project management, Brainbench, 2013
  • Master Unix system administrator, Brainbench, 2000
  • TCP/IP network, Brainbench, 2000

Personal profile

  • Self-learned. Self-motivated. “Plug-and-play”.